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Now, only Archicultura's Panoramio pictures are shown in the map. In the future, as well the ratings of the places will be presented in the map.

What else can I see in the map?
To have a better view, you can change between different maps in the corner. You can change to maps of public transport, cycle maps or satellite views. Furthermore, you can on all maps change to "Google Street View" by drag-and-drop the orange man.

Please remember, that the map will be updated all-time. For questions, suggestions and representations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Discover Switzerland and Europe!

Archicultura collected data of 6'500 villages and towns in Switzerland and furhter places in the rest of Europe. As a result, Archicultura created different maps with a rough breakdown on the total harmony of these villages and towns. Rated were architectural character, so the existance of a traditional and further developed architecture, if new and old buildings match, the existance of non-typical and disturbing buildings, the "architectural chaos" and pituresque aspects. In Switerland, these results are presented in different maps for each Canton. 95% of all Swiss villages are collected.

Archicultura worked out a classification of these villages:
Green: traditional character, pituresque, harmonic;
Yellow: without traditional character but not disturbing;
Red: unfitting, disturbing, chaotic.

The interactive map above shows you different pictures of Archicultura on Panoramio and the results of the collection (in progress). If a place is not shown above, you can have a look at the old maps below.


In this archive, you can get the old maps of 2005. They will not get updated.


Appenzell-Innerrhoden and Appenzell-Ausserrhoden

Appenzell-Innerrhoden and Appenzell-Ausserrhoden


Unterwalden (Nid- and Obwalden)

Principality of Liechtenstein







Archicultura-Postcard of 1999

Postkarte 1999