Townscape care

On which way townscape is distinguished? Which instruments do you use for townscape care? This page will give you more information on these questions.

Types of townscapes

Uniform style of architecture in Lucerne

Uniform style of architecture

This type is caracterized by an identic rough but as well detailed design of the buildings. Normally it results of a homogeneous planning of a building complex. (Picture: Lucerne).

Diversity in homogenity in Lucerne

"Diversity in homogenity"

At the "Diversity in homogenity", you can see an homogeneous rough design of the buildings which is combined with a diversified but matching detailed design. (Picture: Lucerne).

Variegated composition in Champfer GR

Variegated composition

The variegated composition distinguishes a versatile design, which does not disturb but matches with the buildings around. (Picture: Champfer GR).

Disfigurement in Kappel SO


Disfigurement is after jurisdiction of the Swiss federal court an extensive troublesome artistic contrast of a building to the traditional, existiting style around. (Picture: Kappel SO).

Architectural chaos in Muralto TI

Architectural chaos

The Architectural chaos is an amassment of rough design interruptions. It is a confusing architecture of a big number of buildings and compositions. A mutual quotation is missing. (Picture: Muralto TI)

To summarize, townscape does not depend on the time the buildings were built but the style and the harmony in connection with the other buildings around. Furthermore, the reference to the historic and traditional architecture (even in a modern interpretation) is important.

Instruments of townscape care

There are different instruments to arrange townscape care. Some of them are presentated below:

Townscape analysis in Deidesheim (D)

Townscape analysis

Different types of appearance of the place will be analyzed visual, e. g. the street picture and the rough design of the buildings (such as proportionateness, contours, proportions, style of roof, slope of roof, proportion roof - walls, proportion wall - openings, windows, structures, structure,...) (Picture: Deidesheim Germany).

Prescriptions for architectural design

After the analysis of the townscape, there will be prescriptions for design created. According to the type of townscape, the prescriptions will be more or less precisely. The result shows, that intact and harmonic townscapes are only like that, because of strict prescriptions or strict trend-setting aims. If they do not exist, an architectural chaos cannot be avoided.

Abstact of the Instruction manual for design of Müstair GR

Instruction manual for design

In an instruction manual for design, the words of the precriptions will be demonstrated visually. The pictures of the instruction manual tell you which solutions are accordant to the existing townscape (right column) and which promote disharmonism and disfigurement (left column). (Picture: Instruction manual for design of Müstair GR).

Integration analysis in Flawil

Integration analysis

With an Integration analysis you can see, if a building is accordant to the existing townscape, or if it is in need of rehabilitation in sense of the existing townscape. (Picture: Flawil).